Converts SPEC data files and scans into NeXus HDF5 files:

$ spec2nexus  path/to/file/specfile.dat

Writes path/to/file/specfile.hdf5


  • spec2nexus : command-line tool: Convert SPEC data files to NeXus HDF5
  • extractSpecScan : command-line tool: Save columns from SPEC data file scan(s) to TSV files
  • spec : library: python binding to read SPEC data files
  • eznx : library: (Easy NeXus) supports writing NeXus HDF5 files using h5py
  • specplot : command-line tool: plot a SPEC scan to an image file
  • specplot_gallery : command-line tool: call specplot for all scans in a list of files, makes a web gallery

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