Example data

About these example data files

These files are examples of various data files that may be read by spec2nexus. They are used to test various components of the interface.

file   type description
02_03_setup.dat SPEC scans 1-D scans, some have no data lines (data are stored in HDF5 file)
03_06_JanTest.dat SPEC scans 1-D scans, USAXS scans, Fly scans, #O+#o and #J+#j control lines
05_02_test.dat SPEC scans 1-D scans, USAXS scans, Fly scans, multiple #F control lines, multiple #S 1 control lines
33bm_spec.dat SPEC scans 1-D & 2-D scans (includes hklscan & hklmesh)
33id_spec.dat SPEC scans 1-D & 2-D scans (includes mesh & Escan scans & MCA data)
APS_spec_data.dat SPEC scans 1-D scans (ascan & uascan), includes lots of metadata and comments
CdOsO SPEC scans 1-D scans (ascan), four #E (2, 3659, 3692, 3800) and two #S 1 (35, 3725)
CdSe SPEC scans 1-D scans (ascan), problem with scan abort on lines 5918-9, in scan 92
compression.h5 NeXus HDF5 2-D compressed image, also demonstrates problem to be resolved in code
Data_Q.h5 NeXus HDF5 2-D image at /entry/data/{I,Q}, test file and variable-length strings
lmn40.spe SPEC scans 1-D & 2-D scans (hklmesh), two #E lines, has two header sections
mca_spectra_example.dat SPEC scans 1-D scans (cscan) with 4 MCA spectra in each scan (issue #55)
spec_from_spock.spc SPEC scans no header section, uses “nan”, from sardana
startup_1.spec SPEC scans 1-D scans with SCA spectra & UXML headers for RSM code
user6idd.dat SPEC scans 1-D scans, aborted scan, control lines: #R #UB #UE #UX #UX1 #UX2 #X, non-default format in #X lines
usaxs-bluesky-specwritercallback.dat SPEC scans 1-D scans, #MD control lines
writer_1_3.h5 NeXus HDF5 1-D NeXus User Manual example
YSZ011_ALDITO_Fe2O3_planar_fired_1.spc SPEC scans 1-D scans, text in #V metadata, also has #UIM control lines