Released versions of spec2nexus are available on PyPI.

If you have pip installed, then you can install:

$ pip install spec2nexus

If you are using Anaconda Python and have conda installed, then you can install with either of these:

$ conda install -c aps-anl-tag spec2nexus
$ conda install -c aps-anl-dev spec2nexus
$ conda install -c prjemian spec2nexus

Note that channel aps-anl-tag is for production versions while channel aps-anl-dev is for development/testing versions. The channel prjemian is an alternate with all versions available.

The latest development versions of spec2nexus can be downloaded from the GitHub repository listed above:

$ git clone

To install in the standard Python location:

$ cd spec2nexus
$ python install

To install in user’s home directory:

$ python install --user

To install in an alternate location:

$ python install --prefix=/path/to/installation/dir

Required Libraries

These libraries are required to write NeXus data files. They are not required to read SPEC data files.

Library URL

Optional Libraries

These libraries are used by the specplot and specplot_gallery modules of the spec2nexus package but are not required just to read SPEC data files or write NeXus data files.

Library URL