This is an internal library of the spec2nexus software. It is not expected that users of this package will need to call the writer module directly.

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(internal library) Parses SPEC data using spec2nexus.eznx API (only requires h5py)

class spec2nexus.writer.Writer(spec_data)[source]

writes out scans from SPEC data file to NeXus HDF5 file

Parameters:spec_data (obj) – instance of SpecDataFile
mca_spectra(nxdata, scan, primary_axis_label)[source]

internal: parse for optional 2-D MCA spectra

mesh(nxdata, scan)[source]

internal: data parser for 2-D mesh and hklmesh

oneD(nxdata, scan)[source]

internal: generic data parser for 1-D column data, returns signal and axis


internal: returns the attributes to be written to the root element as a dict

save(hdf_file, scan_list=None)[source]

save the information in this SPEC data file to a NeXus HDF5 file

Each scan in scan_list will be converted to a NXentry group. Scan data will be placed in a NXdata group where the attribute signal=1 is the last column and the corresponding attribute axes=<name of the first column>. There are variations on this for 2-D and higher dimensionality data, such as mesh scans.

In general, the tree structure of the NeXus HDF5 file is:

hdf5_file: NXroot
    # attributes
        # attributes and metadata fields
            @signal=<name of signal field>
            @axes=<name(s) of axes of signal>
            @<axis>_indices=<list of indices in "axis1">
            <signal_is_the_last_column>:NX_NUMBER[number of points] = ... data ...
                @<axis>_indices=<list of indices in "axis1" used as dimension scales of the "signal">
            <axis_is_name_of_first_column>:NX_NUMBER[number of points] = ... data ...
            # other columns from the scan
  • hdf_file (str) – name of NeXus/HDF5 file to be written
  • scanlist ([int]) – list of scan numbers to be read
save_data(nxdata, scan)[source]

internal: store the scan data

save_dict(group, data)[source]

internal: store a dictionary

save_scan(nxentry, scan)[source]

internal: save the data from each SPEC scan to its own NXentry group

write_ds(group, label, data, **attr)[source]

internal: writes a dataset to the HDF5 file, records the SPEC name as an attribute